Dr. Korth has opened a new location in the Cherry Hills Village.

Korth Pain and Sports Rehabilitation

7116 N 102nd Circle



Dr. Korth is doing a Strong First Certification in late April to further his knowledge and test himself in kettlebell strength training.  


Dr. Korth is proud to announce that he is now an HKC and is ready to put his newly learned kettlebell strength and stability strategies to work for his patients.

Dr. Korth Is proud to announce that he is the newest doctor at Natural Spinal Solutions and Life Gym!

Please see naturalspinalsolutions.com and take the virtual tour to see the new facility.

Dr. Korth is currently in the process of changing locations so please check the website for updates and call or email to ask questions or make appointments.



Dr. Korth as a former athlete has spent his time on and off the field in search of ways to remove the aches and pains that are associated with all sports.  He also strived to find ways to keep athletes from ever developing symptoms in the first place, and as a result decrease the chance of debilitating injury.  He found the answer with the combination of Chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique (ART), and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).  These three tools work great on their own, but as a team they function to target, identify, and correct injuries without surgery.  First Dr. Korth uses SFMA to find dysfunctional movement patterns.  He then uses Chiropractic, ART, and muscle retraining to remove pain, weakness, and range of motion issues that hinder athletic performance.  As a result the athlete can then function at his or her full potential for a longer more productive career, or just be able to enjoy the sport they love without pain, which is the case for most of us.

The average work week is strenuous on the Human Body.  Aches and Pains are caused by repetitive actions such as being seated at your computer or school desk, heavy work belts, extended vehicle operations, chronic sports injuries and many, many more.  These stresses can inflame painful biomechanical problems that most people just live with.   Dr. Korth can help with all of these problems and more by using a combination of Active Release Technique, Chiropractic adjustments and Selective Functional Movement Assessment.  If you are a current patient you already know how life changing these treatments can be and if you are looking for a way out of pain and or nerve symptoms please call the office to schedule a treatment today so you can start living life with your body running at its full potential.

Dr. Korth integrates his training in Palmer College adjusting techniques, Active Release, and extremity adjusting to remove pain and nerve symptoms from head to toe. Also Dr. Korth with the use of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment is able to isolate dysfunctional movement patterns for treatment to help the average person live life to the fullest and to help athletes to perform at their full potential.


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