Dr. Korth Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic (the birth place of Chiropractic) as a Presidential Scholar and he also interned at the Palmer Rehabilitation Facility.  He integrates his training in Palmer College adjusting techniques, Active Release Technique, and extremity adjusting to remove pain and nerve symptoms from head to toe.  Also Dr. Korth with the use of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment is able to isolate dysfunctional movement patterns for treatment to help the average person live life to the fullest and to help athletes to perform at their full potential.

The diagram above shows how muscles become shortened and weak due to micro-tears caused by trauma or repetitive strains.  This causes muscles to create adhesions and scar tissue (within themselves, to other muscles, to bone, and even to nerves) which stretching alone cannot relieve because the uninjured portion of the muscle will stretch before the injured part will, reducing the desired effect.  Active Release Technique is used to remove these adhesions, eliminating pain and increasing proper range of motion.