Corey Dejong:  Marketing Manager at AIM Institute and Omaha G.O.A.T.S. Rugby player

“Dr. Korth is an exceptional Chiropractor.  He is truly concerned about his patients well being and health.  I would recommend anyone with any kind of ailment to give him a try!”

John Scott Stevens RKC, CK-FMS, Kukkiwon Licensed Master Instructor in Taekwondo: Instructor Omaha Elite Kettlebell and Taekwondo

“I have worked with many Chiropractors over the years and I give Dr. Korth my highest possible recommendation.  As someone who competed in martial arts for 20 years I can attest to the effectiveness of the Palmer Chiropractic methods: the Palmer Chiropractic Method has saved me from both spine, leg and jaw surgery.  His techniques and methods are painless and supremely effective.  He takes the time to explain what he is doing and why he is doing it.  He is constantly studying, improving and practicing what he preaches.  I personally have benefitted tremendously from both his Chiropractic and Active Release Methods.  I have sent many of my Kettlebell clients to him directly and they have been 100% satisfied.  There are many Chiropractors out there, but there is only one Dr. Korth.  His skillset, dedication, and professionalism can’t be beat.”

David Poage MD, Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center

“Hi Zach, I think the service you provide is absolutely outstanding.  The time you spend physically assisting movements utilizing active release techniques has noticeably increased my range of motion.  You show me how to do stretches and exercises to increase range of motion and train my body to move in a more physiologic and natural way.  These are stretches and exercises I could have never learned on my own.   Your knowledge of muscles of the back/neck area and how to stretch essentially any muscles as needed to improve function is outstanding.  This has decreased tension throughout my body and has decreased the amount of back and neck discomfort.  I think your combination of active release and adjustments is spot on for improving my back condition.  I have never had a doctor willing to spend as much quality time with me before.  I have seen 2 other chiropractors in the past as well and the visits were very brief only consisting of one or 2 adjustments and no advice on what to do on my own to help improve my condition.   You have a much more complete treatment plan.   I am more comfortable, flexible and more functional than at any other time in the last 25 years.  Thank you very much.”